Ken Arok: Legend of Rogues become Ruler

The story of Ken Arok Pararaton a lot written in the book which was written around the 15th centuryPararaton book describing the story of the kings of Singosari and Majapahit is actually rated by historians as a historical book that quality is not as big as Negarakertagama, Mpu Prapanca works in the 14th century.

Ken Arok was the son of a farmer named Ken Endok woman and her husband who is a Brahmin, named Gajahpara. They live in a village which belonged Tumapel pickaxea duchy in Kediri Kingdomon the banks of the Brantas River around the city of Malang right nowSome legends say Ken Arok was the son of Lord BrahmaBut later in the dayKen Arok considers himself is the son of Lord Shiva for selecting titles nuanced Shiva.

Because of the pressures of povertyKen Arok Ken Endok throw as a baby by putting it in the basket were swept away in the Brantas RiverHe hopesKen Arok will be found by someone who fared better than himself. But it was Ken Arok was found by a thief named Lembongso he was raised to be a thief and a robber astuteShrewdness has made people anxious to get to the ears of the king of KediriKertajayaHe then ordered the duke Tumapelstumps Ametungto catch Ken Arok.

When being chased Tumapel troopsKen Arok to the edge of a river that forms a border Kediri with other kingdomsHe managed to escape by flying from the top of palm trees by using two wings wide taro leaves and hiding in the neighboring kingdom. Ken Arok‘s ingenuity to make the gods agreed to protect him, because he is talented to be a great manThe gods then sent a Brahmin named Lohgawe to make Ken Arok be a good person

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After Ken Arok out of hidinghe met Lohgawe who then told him to stop being a thiefLohgawe considers Ken Arok as his own son and taught him to live in a good wayThen he invited Ken Arok to be a servant of Ametung stumpsThe dukewho do not recognize the faces of Ken Arok having dressed themselves, receive work into the duchy palace guard.

Meanwhilestumps Ametung intend to find a wifeHe heard that in a villagethere was a Buddhist monk named Mpu Purwawho had a very beautiful child named Ken DedesOne daywhen the priest went to the forest asceticstumps Ametung troops devastated the villageKen Dedes kidnapped and brought to the palaceAmetung stumps then makes Ken Dedes as his wifeMpu Purwa enragedcursed Ametung stumps that he will soon die.

Ken Dedes was pregnant when youngstumps Ametung took Ken Dedes Baboji jaunt to the parkWhen would get off the trainKen Arok who served as a bodyguard to help put a little as a step stoolBy accidentfabric Ken Dedes revealed slightly and showed a beam emerging from between his legsLater that nightKen Arok tell it to LohgaweAnd Lohgawe said the woman is believed to be brought to power. Ken Arok was fascinatedthen swore in his heart to make Ken Dedes his wifeby any means.


Ken Arok then went to a famous blacksmith named Mpu Gandring living in rural LulumbangHe ordered a dagger that is very beautifuland should be completed in the shortest time possibleMpu Gandring actually asked for one yearbut because of Ken Arok force, he finally agreed to be completed dagger was within 5 months. He worked hardwith tapa and penanceso that it can keris masterpiece completed in the agreed time. Five months later Ken Arok came again to LulumbangBut it turns out Kris was not finished properlyKen Arok became angry and stabbed with a dagger Gandring Mpu own making. But before the last breathMpu Gandring could utter the cursethat seven people will die with the homemade keris.

Ken Arok turned out to have devised a stratagemKeris nice it was loaned to his fellow bodyguard named Kebo IjoEven Ken Arok requested that if askedKebo Ijo always replied that it was his own kerisKebo Ijo very proudalways carrying a dagger was on her waist and showing off to peopleTherefore everyone assumes that Kebo Ijo does have that kris. After some time, one night Ken Arok keris thief and immediately kill stumps Ametung sleeping. Keris was intentionally left still stuck in the heart of the duke, so Kebo Ijo directly accused. Ken Dedes who sleep next to stumps Ametung, actually caught a glimpse of the real murderer, but because her heart was also attracted to Ken Arok, he keep this secret.

Ken Arok then cast as the hero of the capture and killing Kebo Ijo keris Gandring MPUPartly because of his heroic deedKen Arok Ken Dedes could marryeven appointed as duke in Tumapelreplacing Ametung stumpsThen Ken Dedes gave birth to her son on the stumps Ametungnamed AnusapatiKen Arok also had a mistress named Ken UmangHer eldest son of Ken Umang named Tohjaya. Under the leadership of Ken ArokTumapel expand by conquering the surrounding regionsThis actionalthough impressed defied Kediri kingdomare not dealt with firmly by Kertajaya.

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At that time Kertajaya power began to weakenKertajaya increasingly arrogantoften threatening the Brahmins and show off his magical powersKen Arok cleverly exploit this situationHe was accommodating and protection to brahmins who escaped from Kedirithus antagonizing the Kertajaya increasingly pointed.

In 1222 Tumapel attacked the capitaland fighting in GanterKertajaya defeatedKen Arok then lift themselves into king of the title of Lord Sri antler Rajasa AmurwabhumiHe also moved the imperial capital to Singasari. Anusapatisomehow always suspicious of her stepfatherHe felt that Ken Arok was involved in the death of the father he had never seenWhen asked of his motherhis mother was silentand only give kris her father’s killerIn 1227Ken Arok stabbed Anusapati who were eating at the dinner tableHe later became king for 20 years.

In 1248Tohjayason of Ken Arok Ken Umangkilling Anusapati with the same daggerJust had a quick rulingTohjaya overthrown by Ranggawuni (son Anusapati and Mahisa Campaka). Ranggawuni later became king with the title Wishnuwardhana and Mahisa Campaka be patih Narasinghamurti titleThanks to these two people is the struggle between the family can be clarified.