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Old Story about 7 Angel from Central Java

In ancient times there lived a young man named Jake Tarub in a village in Central Java. He lived with his mother who was called Mbok Milah. His father had died long ago. Jaka Tarub daily and mBok Milah paddy farming. One night, in the middle of a deep sleep, dreaming Tarub Jaka wife got a pretty sweet angel from heaven. So wake up and realize that it was all just a dream, Jaka Tarub smiled to himself. Nevertheless, the beautiful dream just now still pictured in his memory.  

Jaka Tarub can not sleep anymore. He came out and sat in front of his house ambengan looking up at stars in the sky. Not feel the cock crowed mark was morning. Mbok Milah was awake than realized that Jake Tarub not at home. As soon as he looked out the window, saw her only child is wandering. "What dilamunkan my boy", thought Mbok Milah. He guessed maybe Jake Tarub was thinking to settle down soon. He was already more than enough. Friends sebayanyapun average have been married. His mind was made mBok Milah Jaka Tarub intend to help find his wife.


During the day when mBok Milah was in the fields, suddenly came Mr. Ranu owners of the fields next to him. "Mbok Milah, why is your son until now there has been married too?" Asked Mr. Ranu open a conversation. "I do not know," said Mbok Milah, recalling the incident this morning. "What do you ask that Mr. Ranu?" Asked Mbok Milah. It is little wonder why Mr. Ranu interested in his personal life. "There is nothing mBok Milah. I intend to match with my son Laraswati ", said Mr. Ranu.

MBok Milah surprised to hear the intentions of Mr. Ranu had just expressed. He was very happy. Laraswati is a beautiful girl who said she perparas gentle. He believes that Jake Tarub want to make Laraswati as his wife. However mBok Milah not want to precede his son to take a decision. Somehow he realized that Jake Tarub are grown and have their own desires. "I agree with Mr. Ranu. But first we should ask our children each, "said Mbok Milah wise. Mr. Ranu nodded vigorously. He thought what was said mBok Milah true.

Day by day. MBok Milah have not found the right time to discuss plans for an arranged marriage and Laraswati Tarub Jaka. He was afraid Jake Tarub offended. Jaka Tarub might also have had a bride who has not been introduced to him. Eventually mBok Milah will forget the original intention.

Jaka Tarub is a young man who was very happy hunting. He is also a reliable hunter. His expertise was gained from his late father. Jaka Tarub often invited to hunt by his father from childhood. Jaka Tarub morning it was ready to hunt in the woods. Bows, arrows, knives and swords had prepared. And he said goodbye to his mother.

MBok Milah look plain ordinary departure of Jake Tarub release. He hopes his son will bring home a big deer that they can eat the next few days. Soon mBok Milah went into her room. He intends beristrihat a moment before heading to the fields. It's known, mBok Milah is old.

Do not take a long time in the forest, Jaka Tarub managed to shoot a deer. His heart is happy. Soon he shouldered deer and intends to go home. Misfortune seems to come over. Central fun walk, suddenly appeared a leopard in front of Jake Tarub. Tigers took off to attack the square. Jaka Tarub panic. He immediately release the dipanggulnya deer and pulled the sword from his waist. The tiger is moving very fast. He soon bite the deer and take it away.

Jaka Tarub slumped. Not just in shock over the recent events happened, he was thoroughly surprised. For the first time this sesial fate. Game animals already in hand instead devoured by wild beasts. "A sign of what is this?", He thought. Jaka Tarub immediately dismissed the bad thoughts that crossed her mind. After a short rest, he quickly walked again. 

Misfortune did not want to leave Jaka Tarub. After walking and waiting a couple of times, not an animal passing buruanpun. Increasingly rising sun. Jaka Tarub feel hungry. There is no provision which carries because he is convinced that as long as this would not be in the woods. Jaka Tarub finally decided to return even empty-handed. 

When Jaka Tarub began to enter his village, he was surprised to see many people walking hurriedly rushed towards the same direction. There are even some people who met him looked surprised. Although surprised Jaka Tarub reluctant to ask. The hunger he suffered made Jake Tarub anxious to get home quickly. 

Jaka Tarub stunned looked at his house which was visible from a distance. Many people gathered in front of his house. Even people who'd seen hurried haste was headed to his home as well. "What is it?", He thought. Jaka Tarub began not in the mood. He ran toward his house.

"What happen?" Asked Jaka Tarub half-shouted. People were surprised and looked at him. Mr. Ranu who are awaiting the arrival of Jake Tarub'd been straight up and pat shoulders Jake Tarub. "Patience nak ..", he said as he guided Tarub Jaka entered the house. 

Jaka Tarub eyes immediately fixed on a body stretched out on a cot in the living room. A few seconds later Jaka Tarub realizes that his mother had died. Jaka Tarub could not hold back the tears. This is evidence of a bad feeling that I felt since the morning, she thought. 

Jaka Tarub could not do anything. He merely looked pensive face mBok Milah. Mr. Ranu story that his wife who found mBok Milah had died in his sleep this morning did not disregard. He was contemplating his fate is now all alone. Jaka Tarub also regret not fulfill her desire to see her settle down and grandchildren. But all of a memorable stay. Now his mother was resting peacefully. 

After the death of his mother, Jake Tarub fill the next day to hunt. Almost every day he went hunting in the woods. Results for the prey he always distributed to neighbors. Only by hunting, Jaka Tarub can forget his grief. 

As of the morning, Jake Tarub been getting ready to go hunting. Casually he walked towards the Forest Wanawasa because it was still early. When he reached the hutanpun Jaka Tarub just waiting for prey animals passing in front of him. Not feel it was daylight. None of game animals obtained Jake Tarub. He actually more dreamy. 

Because of her newfound thirst, Jaka Tarub stepped toward the lake. The lake is located in the middle of the forest Wanawasa it known to the public as Toyawening lake. When they came up on the lake, Jake Tarub stop his footsteps. His ears to catch the sound of the girls who were bantering. "Maybe this is just hayalanku alone", he thought, surprised. "Where there may be girls play around in the middle of the jungle like this?". 

With Jake Tarub crept settles again made his way toward Lake Toyawening. The laughing girls were more clearly audible. Jaka Tarub peeking out from behind a large tree toward the lake. Surprise, Jaka Tarub witnessed seven beautiful girls were bathing in the lake Toyawening. Heartbeat even louder.Jaka Tarub attention to one of the girls at the lake. Everything is very pretty flawless. From their conversation, Jake Tarub know that seven people the girl is an angel who came down from Heaven. "Is this the meaning of my dream?", She thought happily. 

 Jaka eye Tarub see piles of clothes angel on top of a large rock at the edge of the lake. All the clothes are different colors. "If I take one of these angel outfit, which has certainly would not be able to return to heaven", muttered Jake Tarub. His face was decorated with a smile when imagining the angel that he stole her clothes would be willing to become his wife.

With careful Jake Tarub walked over piles of clothes. He walked very slowly. If angels were aware of his presence, of course all planned to be dispersed. Jaka Tarub chose a red shirt. After work, Jake Tarub rush rush slipped behind the bush.

Suddenly a man from the angel said, "Let's go home now. It was late afternoon ". "Yes, right. Should we go home now before sunset, "added another. The angel came out of the lake and put on their clothes, respectively.

"Where are my clothes?", Shouted one of the angel. "Who took my shirt?", He asked in a trembling voice tears. "Where did you put your clothes Nawangwulan?", Asked an angel to him. "Here. Same with your clothes .. ", Nawangwulan replied tearfully. He looked very panicked. Without his shirt, where perhaps he could return to Heaven. Moreover, the scarf she wore to fly participate disappeared, too. 

Because Nawangwulan not find his clothes, he immediately went back to Lake Toyawening. Her other friends to help find clothes Nawangwulan. Their efforts are in vain because the clothes are taken home Nawangwulan Jaka Tarub to his home.

Finally, an angel said: "Nawangwulan, forgive us. We must immediately return to heaven and leave you here. It was already late in the afternoon ". Nawangwulan can not do anything. He just nodded and waved to six friends who fly slowly leaves Lake Toyawening. "Maybe it's my destiny to be the inhabitants of the earth", thought Nawangwulan while tears.

Nawangwulan look desperate. Suddenly unconsciously he said "Those who can give me the clothes I'll make sister when she was a woman, but when he was a boy I'll make my husband". Jaka Tarub who had been watching the gestures Nawangwulan happy smiling from behind a tree. "Finally my dream come true", he thought.

Jaka Tarub out of hiding and walks towards the lake. He brought suit his late mother had taken when coming home earlier. Jaka Tarub immediately put the clothes he was carrying on a large rock and said "I'm Jake Tarub. I brought clothes that you need. Take it and use immediately. It was almost evening ".

Jaka Tarub left Nawangwulan and waited behind a big tree where he was hiding. Soon Nawangwulan came to see him. "I Nawangwulan. I'm an angel from heaven who can not go back there because it lost my shirt, "said Nawangwulan introduce ourselves. He fulfilled the word he was saying earlier. Without a doubt Jaka Tarub Nawangwulan willing to accept as her husband.

Day by day, month turned into months, do not feel household Jake Tarub and Nawangwulan been blessed with a daughter named Nawangsih. Nobody villagers suspect who actually Nawangwulan. Jaka Tarub recognize her as the girl who came from a village far from the village.

Since I married Nawang Wulan, Jaka Tarub feel very happy. But there was one thing that bothered her during this time. Jaka Tarub wonder why they seem rice granary is not reduced even if cooked every day. Old old pile of rice was increasing. Harvests regularly make their barns barely fit anymore to contain it.One morning, Nawangwulan want to wash into the river. He entrusts Nawangsih on Jake Tarub. 

Nawangwulan also reminded that her husband not to open the lid to cook steamed rice being. 
When was playing with Nawangsih, who was only one year, Jaka Tarub remembered the rice being cooked his wife. Because it was already a long time, Jake Tarub wanted to see if the rice is cooked. Unconsciously Jaka Tarub open the rice steamer. He forgot the message Nawangwulan. 
To the astonishment of Jaka Tarub just to see the contents of the steamer. Nawangwulan just cook a sprig of paddy. He immediately thought of their grain stocks are gradually becoming more common. The question is fulfilled during this time. 

Nawangwulan who apparently had arrived home to her husband glared at the kitchen door. "Why did you break my message Mas?" She asked angrily. Jaka Tarub could not answer. He was silent. "Gone was kesaktianku to change a sprig of paddy into rice basket", continued Nawangwulan. "From now on I have to pound rice to cook. Therefore Mas should provide a mortar for me ". 

Jaka Tarub regretted his actions. But what can I say, it was too late. From that day Nawangwulan always pounding rice to be cooked. Start seen their rice inventories increasingly depleted. Even now it has been remaining rice in the bottom of the barn. 

As usual that morning Nawangwulan to a barn located in the backyard to pick up the rice. When it was pulling the stem of rice stalks were left a bit of it, Nawangwulan felt hands holding something soft. Out of curiosity, Nawangwulan continue to attract it. Nawangwulan instantly pale face stared who had just successfully achieved. Angel dress and red shawl ..  

Various feelings raged in her heart. Nawangwulan find himself deceived by Jaka Tarub which has now become her husband. He did not expect it turns out the person who stole his heart was Jaka Tarub. Soon the desire that never goes out of his heart will be so strong. Nawangwulan wants to return to his home, heaven.Tarub afternoon when Jake returned to his home, he did not find Nawangsih Nawangwulan and their children. Jaka Tarub seek shouting calling Nawangwulan, who sought nevertheless did not reply. The sun had begun to sink. Suddenly Jake Tarub standing on the home page to see something floating toward him. He watched for a moment.

Jaka Tarub stunned. Moments later he recognized it turns out she saw was Nawangwulan carrying Nawangsih. Nawangwulan looks very pretty with fairy outfit complete with shawl. Jaka Tarub felt herself shaking. He did not expect that Nawangwulan managed to reinvent bidadarinya shirt. This means that the secret was uncovered. 

"How could you do this to me Jake Tarub?" Asked Nawangwulan in a sad tone. "I'm sorry Nawangwulan", only the words that could be spoken Jake Tarub. He looked very sorry. Nawangwulan can feel how Jake Tarub helpless in front of him.

"Now you have to bear the consequences of your actions Tarub Jaka", said Nawangwulan. "I'll go back to heaven because actually I am an angel. I do not belong here ", he added. Jaka Tarub not answer. He was resigned to the decision Nawangwulan.

"You have to take care of themselves Nawangsih. From this moment we are not married anymore, "he said firmly Nawangwulan. He was handed over to hug Jake Tarub Nawangsih. The boy was still asleep. He did not realize that soon her mother would leave her.

"Whatever your fault Jake Tarub me, Nawangsih still my son. If he wants to see me someday, burn rice straw, then I will go down to see him, "said Nawangwulan staring Nawangsih face. "Only one condition, you should not be together Nawangsih when I saw her. Let him alone near the rice stalks were burned, "continued Nawangwulan.

Jaka Tarub restrain her grief very. She wants to look tough. After Jaka Tarub expressed his readiness not to meet again with Nawangwulan, the bidadaripun flew himself and Nawangsih. Jaka Tarub could only stare at the departure Nawangwulan clasping Nawangsih. It was unforgivable mistake. There is no other thing to do today besides taking care Nawangsih well as messages Nawangwulan


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