Monday, April 27, 2009

Permissive Culture

On the way struggle your experience in life many thing will happen. 4 the example is simple but at one time is completely fact like pray, sleep, work, eat, play, etc. That activity maybe only schedule and routinity like every day story in our life. Please rethinking about that.

The biggest part for our success is planning, organizing, actuiting and controling what happen in your life. Necessary need extra energy and powerfull meaning to apllication that method in your life. Keep anthuistic, creative, full passion, and optimize. How use what God give to use with good willing and you will learn step by step with experience.

So what i have suggest to do... the answer is that your self know about your life not me. Be recognize and self confidence, from that hope too God will directly your life no others. That will work if u believe and having religion. Betwen idealism and realita need balance. So keep practice, and be know what your doing day by day is make your own world. For the beginning as a start a day always pray. Maybe your lfe not like planning from the once you want.

Not depperession about that, is normal and natural. Some mistake can happened. High impact person is achallence to be the next one. Extra ordinary people is not only made from God create. Being human is not simple like other create in universe. Wake up people u need much of that satisfaction will come from continuing to work, either by downshifting to a part-time schedule or cycling periodically between employment and leisure.

Compare with awareness you are not alone in this life. Keep kindness even if any people disturbing and crash your life. Warning with kindness not only be good but be a bad person as individu is a true way for the other people not right is a kindness too.

One more thing, Most people do not change their behavior based on someone else telling them to do so keep be egoistic is not wrong at all.To me, this sounds like one more example of people not taking responsibility for their own lives, well being and health. IF you know you need to exercise, do it. If you need to change your lifestyle, do it. Don't rely on another person to 'whip out a prescription pad' before you acknowledge the need to take responsibility for your life. Definitely utilize health care professional for their expertise and guidance, but put on your big girl panties and stop waiting for someone else to change your life.

I think that depends on the need. Keep practice on your live, u will know from experience.

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